This is the final installment of a series of moments in Tripp’s life, as told by his owner, Steve. Tripp is the inspiration and dedication behind Tripp Dog Coffee.

Tripp was one stubborn dog, but he also loved people. He knocked a friend off her lawn chair once, knocked over a small child, and caused many a dog owner to cross the street when he approached.  He met my wife, who grew to love him over time. He got to retire at our fixer-upper house and had a life of leisure.

Tripp dog graced our lives with his presence for nearly 13 years.  We miss all the things about him that drove us nuts over the years; his slobber, snorts, farts and flying fur.  He had a big presence in our lives and in our homes.  He got to celebrate his last day with a ride in my old Ford pick-up truck, a T-bone steak, lots of treats and extra love.

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